Excel Training

In this introductory course to Excel, participants will explore Excel activities that go beyond the basic. After successful completion of this session, participants can expect to have the skills required to work efficiently in an existing worksheet and to also create new worksheets from a template and from scratch.


Microsoft Excel is the standard spreadsheet application for both personal and business use, so staying on top of the latest version is very important for anyone considering career advancement. Regardless of your level of understanding, you will benefit from this Microsoft Excel training course because it covers basic, intermediate and advanced competency levels. Our Microsoft Excel training course will help arm you with the knowledge to use it more effectively whether you are using it at home or in the workplace. Understand how to manipulate data within a spreadsheet, validate and present information using the built in structure and functions of Microsoft Excel.


MS Excel is very important these days, most companies these days try to hire people with a sound knowledge of Excel or rather Advanced Excel. Excel makes your work easier and faster, this way you can get more work done in less time. You cannot expect to join a job and your boss is going to invest 2-3 months to teach you Excel. This is the sole reason why employers prefer experienced candidates as compared to freshers. Our Excel Program is designed by the industry experts. These skills fulfill the requirements of jobs related to data. Now a days there are huge requirements of advance excel skill set in the industry. This program gives you high quality content to clean the raw data. Training includes Industry specific data as well as assignments, case study, project.


  • Save and print workbooks.
  • Entering, Editing and Formatting Data.
  • Formatting Numbers.
  • Managing Worksheets
  • Modifying Rows and Columns
  • Understanding Formulas
  • Changing Views.
  • AutoFill and Custom Lists
  • Conditional Formatting.
  • Tables.
  • Data Tools
  • Referencing Formulas
  • Ranges and Dates
  • Lookups
  • Conditional Logic
  • Text Formulas
  • Introduction to Charts
  • Formatting Charts
  • Adding Graphics
  • Outline, Sort, Filter & Subtotal
  • Pivot Tables
  • Protecting Data
  • Collaboration
  • Printing
  • Saving a Workbook

duration & fees

  • Course:-Excel Training
  • Course Duration:-30 hours
  • Registration Fee:-Rs 100
  • Course Fee (Included Registration):-Rs 2000

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