Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an online sales tactic that lets a product owner increase sales by allowing others targeting the same audience—“affiliates”—to earn a commission by recommending the product to others. At the same time, it makes it possible for affiliates to earn money on product sales without creating products of their own.


Anyone can succeed in affiliate marketing. This course will teach you strategies to make money with affiliate marketing today and help you create a great passive income revenue stream – no website needed. Also before, after and while prospecting what you should do and do an effective follow-up. Get to learn objection handling some do’s and dont’s of affiliate marketing. Also, get pro tips to boost your business.

Simply put, affiliate marketing involves referring a product or service by sharing it on a blog, social media platforms, or website. The affiliate earns a commission each time someone makes a purchase through the unique link associated with their recommendation. Done well, this performance-based opportunity can become an important part of your business by netting you a healthy income.

What Will You Learn?

  • What to do before prospecting?
  • How & what to talk about after the presentation?
  • Dont’s of affiliate marketing business
  • Follow-ups
  • Learn Prospecting Methods
  • How to handle the objections?
  • Some pro tips to boost your affiliate marketing business
  • Confidence buildup

How does affiliate marketing work?

To participate in an affiliate marketing program, you’ll need to take these five simple steps:
  1. Find and join an affiliate program
  2. Choose which offers to promote
  3. Obtain a unique affiliate link for each offer
  4. Share those links on your blog, social media platforms, or website
  5. Collect a commission anytime someone uses your links to make a purchase
Commission rates vary dramatically, depending on the company and the offer. On the low end, you’ll earn about 5% of the sale but, with some arrangements, you can earn as much as 50%, usually when promoting a class or event. There are also affiliate marketing programs that provide a flat rate per sale instead of a percentage.

How does affiliate marketing work?

  1. Public speaking
  2. Objection handling
  3. Prospecting
  4. Prospecting


  • Email Marketing
  • Finding a Profitable Niche
  • Creating an Affiliate Website
  • Social Media Promotion
  • Using Affiliate Sites
  • Lead Generation
  • Learning CPC and CPA
  • Keyword Research
  • YouTube Channel
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Monetizing
  • Automating Processes
  • Access to Personalized Consultation


  • Course:-  Affiliate Marketing
  • Course Duration:-45 hours
  • Registration Fee:-Rs 100
  • Course Fee            :-  Rs 3000     

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