Data structures

Data Structure training is extremely important for a fresh engineering graduates, Data Structure is the platform which would help them to gain an advantage in their career due its huge demand in IT industry.

Course Content

Data structures are much needed skills to start a great career, it is the most important part of any system. It is always a big advantage to have knowledge of Data Structures and it’s implementation. This course will help you understand and implement data structures like Linked Lists, Stacks, Queues, Trees, Graphs and many more. The course will also cover searching and sorting algorithms, finding time and space complexities. Data Structure is a way of collecting and organising data in such a way that we can perform operations on these data in an effective way. Data Structures is about rendering data elements in terms of some relationship, for better organization and storage. In simple language, Data Structures are structures programmed to store ordered data, so that various operations can be performed on it easily.


  • Course:-Data Structure using C
  • Course Duration:-70 Hours
  • Registration Fee:-Rs 1000
  • Course Fee (Included Registration):-Rs 2500


Introduction to C

Introduction to Data Structures and Algorithms

Sorting Algorithms

Linked Lists



Binary Trees

Matrices and Hash



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