JAVA training is extremely important for a fresh engineering graduates, JAVA is the platform which would help them to gain an advantage in their career due its huge demand in IT industry.


LAKSHYA has been into Java based development since 2004. We have well knitted team of Java Expert Level Programmers who would train you during the course of your Java Industrial Training to get you familiar with real time working environment. With new technologies getting launched every next month, students are confused on which technology they should focus. Here is why we feel JAVA is the best technology and you should definitely go for JAVA Training.

B.Tech, MCA and BCA students all around Lucknow and Kanpur are passionate towards Advance JAVA known as J2EE (J2EE/JSP/SQL/RMI), most of them choose training institutes, coaching centers or private tuition for JAVA training: but there is a huge difference between only learning and applying programming concepts, which is only possible with software development company.

Here at Infoseek, during JAVA Training Program you will work on Live Projects to enhance your skills and knowledge of JAVA by working with our expert Java Developers, they know what is required in modern IT Industry so they will help you to learn and work on International Standards. We are the best place in Lucknow for Advance Java Training based on Live Projects.

Java is an object-oriented programming language (OOP) for Web browsers. It is organized around data rather than actions as it is used for both server and client processing. Today Java is used by 5 million software developers and operates in 2.5 billion devices including PCs, mobile phones, smart cards, web cams, games, market simulators, and car navigation devices etc.


  • Course:-Core and Advance Java
  • Course Duration:-120 hours
  • Registration Fee:-Rs 1000
  • Course Fee (Included Registration):-Rs 7000


Core Java Training

Advance Java Training

Introduction to Java

Application Development in Java

Variables and Operators

Decision-Making Constructs

Looping Constructs

Methods and Access Specifiers

Arrays and Strings

Modifiers and Packages

Static Access Modifiers

Inheritance and Polymorphism

Interfaces and Nested Classes


New Date and Time API

Annotations and Base64 Encoding

Functional Programming in Java

Stream API

Additional Features of Java 8


java.lang Package

Collections API


File Handling in Java

New Features in File Handling

Introduction to Threads


Advanced JDBC Features

Internationalization and Localization

Advanced Concurrency and Parallelism

Java Class Design and Advanced Class Design

Effective Programming with Lambda

Java Data Structures

Java Logging API and ResourceBundle

Java Documentation and Networking




Introduction to Java Servlet

Introduction to JavaServer Pages

Implementing an MVC Design

The Servlet’s Environment

Container Facilities for Servlets and JSP

Container Facilities for Servlets and JSP

More View Facilities

Developing JSP Pages

Developing JSP Pages using Beans

Developing JSP Pages Using Custom Tags

More Controller Facilities

More Options for the Model

Asynchronous Servlets and Clients

Implementing Security


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