personality development

Personality Development provides an opportunity to the individual to move from the state of being disinterested and inert to being more passionate, zealous, enthusiastic and lively. We at LITS provide a comprehensive personality development course that helps to shape the attitude, nature and the emotions in the best possible way so that the individual overcomes the state of hesitation or lingering and celebrate himself in the best possible way.

Personality Development Course / Training

You have all the skills and academic knowledge to succeed in your career, but struggle changes how others see you, very lame and unimpressive.  You lack confidence, assertiveness and have poor communication skills and body language. Now the real question is can you really overcome this barrier and develop your personality, yes you can. Our personality development course in Kanpur is carefully designed keeping in mind the struggle faced by individuals to create a mark in the work and social environment.

Personality Development Program is designed for: 

1. The college students who have a shy personality and want to enter the corporate world soon.
2. Corporate people who are facing career issues because of lack of pleasing personality, improper time management.
3. Housewives who face hesitation in opening up in social circles.
4. School children who miss out some great opportunities because of lack of an impressive personality.
5. The students who are preparing for some competitive exams and have to appear for discussions and interviews.
6. Businessmen who have relations with foreign counterparts in their business

Personality development program is designed to:

Learn effective time management.

Removes hesitation.

Improves social influence

Helps to control emotions.

Improve the leadership skills.

Improves the listening and the hearing powers.

School students to improve their performance in extracurricular activities.

College students who have to enter the corporate era.

Corporate people to give them a push in their career.

Housewives to help built up more social contacts.

Businessmen to handle the clients, suppliers and the other intermediaries.

duration & fees

  • Course:-Personality Development
  • Course Duration:-30 hours
  • Registration Fee:-Rs 500
  • Course Fee (Included Registration):-Rs 2000

Course curriculum

Developing Self-Confidence

The importance of appearance
The role of body language
Making an impression that counts
Meeting and Greeting
Hand shake basics

Communication Skills Training

Four styles of communication
Listening & Hearing – aren’t the same thing.
Asking questions
Body language that speaks – (Non-verbal)
Creating a positive self-talk

Steps to Personal Branding

Using the I message
How vs What you say
Identifying your worth
Addressing your strength & weaknesses

Setting Goals

The one minute rule
The five-minute rule
How to simplify life

Presentation Skills

Facing the audience
Structuring the presentation
Handling stage fear & nervousness
Posture & Body language basics

Managing your social media 

How do I look socially?
Good Social score
My posts and their impact
Addiction to social media

Email & Telephone Etiquette

Drafting good emails
Starting and ending emails
Basic netiquette
Mobile phone etiquette
Phrasing & Tone of voice
Use of slang terms

Video calls & Conferencing

Planning a video call
Whats App vs Skype Calls vs Hangout
Connecting with multiple people
Personal vs Virtual meeting

Dress Code

Dressing the part
Playing with colors
Formal vs. Causal dressing

Wrapping up the course

Re-visit the Personality development course
Participate in Roleplays
Interaction & networking time

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