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In this Section we are mentioning Our Privacy Policies as well as Terms & Conditions also for better and mutual understandings

Policies of LITS

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Terms &
Conditions of LITS

1. Every Student must pay fees before 10th of every month
2. Any Student are not allowed to take leave without permission. If you need please inform
3. If you are one leave without permission you will have to pay 50 rupees every day.
4. More than 15 days be on leave you will be elimination from LITS.
5. Must attend class every day.
6. During the class nobody will use Mobile.
7. Please maintain good behavior in class.
8. Nobody enters in the class without pen, I card, and Note Book.
9. Every student will be thought according to you Course.
10. Every last Sunday of Month parents meeting will take place between 8 to 10 AM
11. Having passed 2 Months anyone left LITS without information. GNCI is not bound to
accept your terms & Condition.
12. Do you have any problem according to your class please inform or Give suggestion
LITS Mob—+91 – 9452655579, 8738944901
13. Please maintain clean up in LITS