Video Editing

Learn video editing skills with an introduction to video editing and the scope of the same in different industries. This course on video editing will take you through Premiere Pro’s functioning and display how to create a video in. Get a Video Editing Basics course completion certificate from LAKSHYA IT SOLUTIONS, which you can share in the Certifications section of your LinkedIn profile on printed resumes, CVs, or other documents. LAKSHYA IT SOLUTIONS is the best institute for professional course in Kanpur.


Video editing is a complicated process known in the film industry as Post-production. This video editing course will provide a brief understanding of the process. Nowadays, editing videos have become more accessible for people due to the availability of free software and web information sharing. This video editing course will provide a guide to video editing fundamentals, its jargon, process, resources, and career options, etc., in the world of video editing. 

We provide an in-depth series of module sessions designed to provide students with basic knowledge, technical operation with access to state-of-the-art equipment in the field. Students learn to operate and master their skills with training in well-equipped infrastructure and studio setups. The course will teach students to manipulate and rearrange multiple shots and scenes, create an output, clean up, and process for a final presentation.

Course Curriculum

  • Complete Introduction of Video Editing Course
  • Installing Wondershare Filmora
  • A Quickstart to Filmora’s Interface
  • What is Video Editing?
  • Different Types or Categories of Video Editing
  • What are Frames & How can we Visualize it Practically
  • What are Video Footages & how to find stock Videos?
  • The File Menu
  • The Edit Menu
  • The Tools Menu
  • The Views and Export Menus
  • The Help Menu
  • Cropping a Video in Filmora
  • Adding Transitions in a Video
  • Handling Audio Balancer in Filmora
  • Importing Media Files (Different Approaches)
  • Handling Tracks in Filmora
  • Disabling and Enabling Tracks Elements
  • Concept of Layering in Tracks
  • Working with Greenscreen Videos
  • Blurring Image in a video scene
  • How to dissolve a Video Frame
  • Face Blurring Concept & implementation
  • Vertical Blurring in Video
  • Concept of Overlaying Videos in Filmora
  • Handling Text durations & Timings
  • Reversing a Video
  • Apply the concept of Split-screen
  • Remove Audio in 2 Different Ways
  • Detaching and Separating Audio Element
  • Attach Multiple Audio Tracks
  • How to Use Filmora’s Audio Balancer & Measure Audio Pitch
  • How to use Filmora’s Audio Equalizer
  • Extracting Multiple Voice from One single Audio Pitch
  • Two Usages of Zoom-Level in Filmora
  • Timeline and Preview Windows Explained
  • Importance of Rendering in Professional Level
  • Adding Multiple Videos and Images to run Simultaneously
  • Static & Dynamic Professional Zooming
  • More Fun with Texts
  • Adding Glitch-effect in your Video
  • How to implement Effects and Elements
  • How to give Freeze-time Effect to your character
  • Include Credits in a Cinematic Format
  • Infinite/Unlimited Zooming Effect
  • What is Masking and what are its types?
  • Masking Texts through Image
  • Masking of Texts in Video (Another Approach)
  • Overlay for Time-Travel Effect
  • How to See through Texts
  • Run Multiple Videos Simultaneously
  • Speed up or Speed-down your Videos
  • Sudden Zoom-in and Zoom-out Effect
  • Exporting the Final Video in Different Formats
  • PROJECT: Let us make an Advertisement Part-1
  • PROJECT: Let us make an Advertisement Part-2
  • PROJECT: Let us make an Advertisement Part-3
  • Saving & reopening the file in Wondershare Filmora Project (wfp) format

Learning Highlights

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  • Course:-Video Editing
  • Course Duration:-30 Hours
  • Registration Fee:-Rs 500
  • Course Fee (Included Registration):-Rs 3000

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