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Classes of our computer centers are either air-conditioned or air cooled. The classes are conducted on the traditional teaching pattern with support of online lecturers taken by our distinguished faculty member. The lecturers are delivered in a combination of English and the local language so that the concept are easily understood by all the students in the class.


These labs are ideal for computer-training needs including software release, user-group meetings, and new application training. Our labs include student PCs and one instructor PC. All our PCs run Microsoft Window 10, including the Microsoft Office Suite, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox , Adobe Acrobat Reader, and various media players. Our machines also feature Secure CRT Terminal Client, as SFTP client, host-based firewall , and virus scanning. Wired and wireless Internet access and a printer are in included in each room.


The study material is Prepared by our academic wing exclusive committed towards Preparing study material depending upon the actual requirement of the market and the students. The study material is updated regularly and is provided to all our students.

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